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The Society’s aims are briefly, the conservation, preservation and restoration of the canal and the education of the public of the former use and history of the canal and its environs.

The Society places great emphasis on partnership and co-operation and this is practised in the following ways;

1. Being a member of Cornwall Council's Bude Valley Management Advisory Group 2. Providing volunteers who man the Barge Workshops at Helebridge, nr. Marhamchurch, each Sunday 2pm – 6pm from July to September, to allow the public to view the tub boat and other heritage artefacts.

3. Volunteers from the Society do guided walks when requested by local groups and interested parties. The walks are along the towpath from the sea lock at Bude to the Barge Workshop at Helebridge.

4. Volunteers from the Society form part of the volunteer force who assist with the manual co-operation of the Sea Lock in conjunction with key workers from N.C.D.C. Thus minimising the cost of the operation to boat owners.

5. In partnership with BSTC the Society holds a Heritage Event in July each year, which includes a celebration of the genius of Sir Goldsworthy Gurney, scientist and inventor of the Bude Light. This event also requires the co-operation of other local and district groups.

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Join Our Amazing Community

The Society are always keen to welcome new Members - especially younger ones with tons of energy and ideas. The Canal has been around for 200 years and we want to ensure it is kept thriving for another 200 years providing the Community with many opportunities