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The most recent Tub Boat editions with Contents

The TUB BOAT is the Society's Newsletter produced four times a year as a printed booklet and emailed to members. Non members can access the previous edition on this website - but to get the new edition as soon as it is available please join the society (details on membership page) Over time The Tub Boat provides a very real archive of the work of the Society including reports, stunning photos and detailed news items.

Amazingly there are over 80 editions available on the site, click on the nearby pics for the latest editions or here to go to the Archived editions pages.

Chris Jewell (Chairman BCHS)

Discovering the Canal

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The Society are always keen to welcome new Members - especially younger ones with tons of energy and ideas. The Canal has been around for 200 years and we want to ensure it is kept thriving for another 200 years providing the Community with many opportunities 

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